“Children are a gift from the Lord”
~ Psalm 127:3

About Us

Our People

The staff members of our Early Learning and Care facilities are committed to the children and their parents with whom they work. Experienced staff members are responsible for developing programs of best practice in Early Learning & Care and for the overall supervision of program activities and mentoring of new members of staff. All staff members are responsible for establishing and maintaining personal and teaching relationships with the children in their care and with their families.

The Outdoor Learning Environment

Our tropical location and ideal weather conditions allow us to create an outdoor learning environment that becomes a focal point of our programs. Environmental education and appreciation starts at an early age. We encourage exploration and investigation of plants, vegetable gardens, trees, flowers, water, dirt, sand, mud, animals and insects. Inquisitive children begin to grasp the complexity and beauty of our planet which in turn leads to an appreciation and understanding of sustainable living.

Early Years Spiritual Development

The Early Learning and Care services of the Cairns Diocese provide the setting and activities in which the spiritual development of each child is nurtured through prayer and ritual that is developmentally appropriate. Such a nurturing approach includes the language, concepts and methods to enable young children to respond to and express their spirituality in the
Christian tradition.