Please see individual service tabs for service fee structures.


Our Aim:

At Catholic Early Learning and Care (CELC), we strive to provide a high quality of service and value for money to the families of children that attend our services. The long-term viability of all of our childcare operations is essential to our mission of supporting the families within our Diocese. Our goal is to operate in a financially responsible manner that benefits children, staff and families by allowing quality care, continuing employment and affordable fees to be provided at each service. The collection of fees and management of debts is performed in an ethical and efficient manner to ensure the quality of care provided to your children is not affected by non-payment of fees.

Fees will be paid weekly via Ezidebit in arrears.

Statements will be sent out weekly, prior to the Ezidebit deduction

Fees will not be charged during the centre closure period.

Fees will not be charged for Public holidays.

Setting of Fees:

Setting of fees and charges will take into consideration affordability for families, the quality of service provided, demand and local economic conditions. Fees are reviewed on an annual basis at the commencement of each calendar year. Unlike many other centres we do not charge fees on public holidays or during periods of closure. This provides a significant discount compared with other service providers.


It is a legislative requirement that all childcare service providers have correct staff/child ratios when children are in our care. In addition, each service has a maximum number of licenced places that it must not exceed. As a result all children must be booked into care at least 24 hours before care is provided where space permits. In extreme emergencies exceptions may be made however your Service Coordinator may request additional paperwork and/or reasons to justify the late acceptance of your child.

Notice Periods:

We ask that you provide as much notice as possible when changing or cancelling your permanent or part-time booking to allow us time to change staff rosters. As a minimum we require 7 days written notice to avoid casual rate charges. Casual bookings must provide at least 24 hours notice of cancellation or full fees will be charged. Child Care Subsidy cannot be applied to casual booking cancellations.

Non-Attendance on First and Last Days of Care:

Child Care Subsidy (CCS) cannot be applied to fees charged for children who fail to attend their first booked day of care or last booked days without 7 days notice. Therefore, full fees will be charged on these days.

Late Fees:

Children collected after the 6pm closing time will incur a late fee of $10.00 per child for every 5 minutes until collected.(e.g., pick up at 6.10pm for 2 children will incur a late fee of $40.00. 2 children at 6.15pm will incur a $60.00 late charge). This fee is to cover additional staffing costs.

Genuine Hardship Cases:

The Diocese will make every effort to assist families to deal with exceptional circumstances they may be experiencing. Pastoral care support, professional counselling and/or financial assistance from within the Diocese may be offered to families in need. Families may apply to the Chief Executive Officer of the Cairns Diocese via email, mail or phone to discuss their needs. Please see ourContact Us page for details.