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Bishop’s Message

The Diocese of Cairns has always endeavoured to support family life, because families are the most important communities which shape and support our human life and the life of the Church. However, they sometimes find it difficult to survive and to be the nurturing, supportive and life giving communities they are meant to be.

If the Diocese of Cairns is to support not just our own Catholic families, but family life in general, we need to respond to the changing needs of people in a contemporary society, whilst still holding fast to our own Christian vision of family life.

For example, the Church needs to support parents who withdraw from the workforce to care for the growth and education of their children. The Church also has a responsibility to support parents who choose to return to work.

As part of this commitment to family life, we have established Catholic Early Learning and Care services. In this way, we hope to make a real contribution to the strengthening of family life in our Diocese.

Bishop James Foley,
Bishop of Cairns.