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Young Children (3½ to 4½ years)

Children need teachers and caregivers who are attentive, observant and perceptive, and who use their child observation skills and professional knowledge to observe the actions, language, interactions and abilities of the children in their care.

Our Sessional (term time) Kindergartens are for children aged 3½ to 4½ and offer Early Childhood Education for 40 weeks of the year. The Queensland Kindergarten Curriculum is delivered in our Kindergartens by a four year trained qualified teacher.

Our staff members continue the support of children’s physical and spiritual development, intellectual growth, self-confidence, emotional stability and sensitivity to others by:

  • Formulating programs that build upon each child’s abilities, interests and needs
  • Establishing learning spaces that are dynamic and adapt to the ongoing needs and requests of the children
  • Encouraging children to express their creativity, emotions and artistic abilities
  • Observing and investigating children’s actions and responses attentively
  • Recording and exhibiting learning activities to
    encourage recall and discussion
  • Implementing the National Early Years Learning Framework as one guide for teaching practice.