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Our Kindy friends at our service in Redlynch have been immersed in all things science and wanted to put gravity to the test by sliding down the famous ‘grass hill’. Their mode of transport…an old cardboard box. The children climbed on board and held on tight. With a little momentum they slid down with huge smiles on their faces. They then decided to see how many Kindy friends could fit on one piece of cardboard. It was a lot! Our friends also enjoyed climbing backwards up the hill and running back down. It was lovely to see such a genuine connections of friendship as the children helped each other navigate their way up and down the hill.
Then the teachers decided to get in on the fun! Miss Gemma and Miss Nat sat together on a piece of cardboard and Miss Jess and Miss Sarah sat on the other, our friends counted us down and woooosh we took off
down the hill.

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Redlynch Early Learning